Under Society Registration Act XX1 of 1860

When i hereby Certify which “Shree Sai Baba Welfare Society” located at Sant Nagar Burari continues to be registered under Society Registration Act XX1 connected with 1860.

India is between the world largest countries intended for geographical area along with 28 cities as well as seven union parts. Here in the Indian subcontinent you’ll find different kinds involving companies giving vast verities of services using their clients. All this raises the demand of rules offices in the Indian subcontinent. In particular from corporate significant as well as business significant, different kinds involving legal services are demanded having a large scale.

Societies formed by memorandum of organization and Society registration. Any seven or even more persons associated for just about any literary, scientific, or perhaps charitable purpose, or for just about any such purpose seeing that is described inside section 20 in Society Registration Act, may, by subscribing their names with a memorandum of organization, and filing the identical with Registrar connected with Joint-stock Companies two [***] form themselves into a society under this kind of Society Registration Act.


Upon this sort of memorandum and certified copy being recorded, the Registrar shall certify under his hand which the society is registered under this Act. There shall be paid on the Registrar for every such Society registration some sort of fee of fifty rupees, or such scaled-down fees as 3 [the State Government] may from time to time, direct; and all costs so paid will be accounted for to be able to 3 [the State Government].


The property, movable and immovable belonging to a society registered under this Act, if not vested inside trustees, shall be deemed to get vested, for enough time being, in the particular governing body connected with such society, and to all proceedings civil as well as criminal, may be termed the property with the governing body connected with such society because of their proper title.

The following societies could possibly be registered under this kind of Act: –

Charity societies, the military orphan finances or societies established in the several presidencies connected with India, societies established for that promotion of technology, literature, or the particular fine arts regarding instruction, the diffusion connected with useful knowledge, 1 [the diffusion connected with political education], the foundation or perhaps maintenance of libraries or reading-rooms regarding general use on the list of members or offered to the public or perhaps public museums as well as galleries of art and other works of art, collections of pure history, mechanical as well as philosophical inventions, equipment, or designs