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Delhi is coming up excellent residential spaces for families via the Projects in P2 Zone Delhi. One of them is the Shree Sai Baba P2 zone welfare society which consists of spacious apartments endowed with extraordinary amenities. These apartments have been constructed in the designated area of the P2 zone which consists of 8,194 hectares of land area. This area does not have any shortage of jobs also because 226 hectares will be allotted in this zone for electronic industrial setup. Since the Projects in P2 Zone Delhi are going to be constructed in an especially planned area, the P2 zone will have land areas allowed for specific purposes including the Bhalsawa Lake complex which will cover an area of 102 hectares including an amusement park in a land area of 8 hectares and 22 hectares for the lake.

P2 Zone Delhi Housing Society

Both the amusement park and the Bhalsawa Lake complex are perfect getaway facilities for the residents of a P2 Zone Welfare Society on weekends. The residents will have the facility to buy vegetables and fruits from a wholesale market run by the Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board in an area of 28 hectares. The residents of the P2 Zone Delhi Housing Society will get to enjoy a perfect lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the P2 Zone Delhi Housing Society, residents will enjoy a pollution free life with a specific area for a green belt. A P2 zone society also has other plush amenities such as a jogging track, lift and swimming pool. Every flat in a P2 Zone Delhi Housing Society will have a modular kitchen to facilitate cooking. The flats in the P2 zone welfare society are quite spacious containing 3-4 bedrooms.

The apartments in a P2 Zone Society will be spread over a land area of 3,235 hectares. Other facilities in the apartments of the P2 Zone Society are intercom telephones and a Balcony. You have to register yourself for a flat in P2 Zone Projects. There are only 5,00,000 flats which are available for allotment in the P2 Zone Projects area to accommodate the population of 19 lakhs. The other amenities which are available under the P2 Zone Society are a helipad and a trade center.

Projects in P2 Zone Delhi

The P2 Zone Delhi Housing Society is also close to other areas in Delhi like it has a distance of 19kms from Connaught Place and takes only 30 minutes to reach Gurgaon. The people who will live in such P2 zone welfare society flats will have to travel 40 minutes to reach ISBT. So, residents of such residential Projects in P2 Zone Delhi don’t have to travel long distances to reach any portion of the city.The flats in the P2 Zone Projects are available in the 2-bedroom, hall and kitchen framework also. Projects in P2 Zone Delhi are available at low costs of 31 lakhs. The buyers live a great lifestyle through accommodation in the P2 Zone Welfare Society flats. Start booking for these P2 Zone Projects flats before their registration expires.

A) Only Through Invitation

The society wishes to invite that individual who is eligible according to by laws of society. The Society reserves the right to offer the scheme to Individuals it deems to be fit and fulfil all the conditions to become the member of the society

C) Location

– North; NCTD/Haryana Boundary

– South: NCTD Boundary/Outer Ring (Road 90m)

– East: River Yamuna- West: NH-1

B) Location

Located next to NH-1 and 5 minutes drive from nearest Mukundpur Metro Station.Location may vary differ as per approvals of Land Pooling Policy and MPD-2021 implementation for DDA

D) Distance from Main Delhi Landmarks

– 5 Minutes from Karnal By Pass

– 10 Minutes from ISBT

– 20 Minutes from Connaught Place

– 20 Minutes Drive from Airport through new UER-II

नजदीकी आकर्षण व सुविधाएँ*

  • भलासवा गोल्फ कोर्स एवं झील से केवल 5 मिनट की दूरी पर
  • 24 घण्टे पानी एवं बिजली की आपूर्ति, स्विमिंगपूल एवं क्लब
  • आई.एस.बी.टी. से केवल 10 मिनट की दूरी पर
  • लिफ्ट,जिम, एम्फीथिएटर, योगा सेन्टर एवं जशि ट्रेक
  • कॉनट प्लेस से केवल 20 मिनट की दूरी पर
  • 24 घण्टे Wi-Fi एवं CCTV कैमरा सुरक्षा गार्ड सहित
  • हवाई अड्डा से केवल 20 मिनट की दूरी पर
  • फ्री होल्ड प्रोपर्टी रजिस्ट्री सिहत

Nearby facilities and attractions*

  • 5 km away from Bhalasva Golf Course and lake
  • 24 hrs supply of water and electricity
  • Only 10 mins distance from ISBT
  • Lift, Amphitheater, Gym, Yoga center and Jogging track.
  • Only 20 mins distance from Connaught place
  • 24 hrs Wi-Fi and CCTV Camera with security guard
  • Only 20 mins distance from airport
  • With free hold property registration

LIG 450 630000 900000 1530000 11000 100000 139000 139000
MIG 700 980000 1400000 2380000 11000 200000 194000 194000
HIG 1100 1540000 2200000 3740000 11000 300000 312000 312000
S-HIG 1400 1960030 2800000 4760000 11000 400000 388000 388000

Sandeep Pandey

I have tried different realtors before coming to SSBW Society so I know the worth. I have become the member with them now!

Rajesh Gupta

I have invested in their Victoria Heights project. It is a luxury apartment with 3 bedrooms. Looks like my dream home. Thanks SSBW.

Gurpreet Kaur

Best quality and world class features is what attracted me here. Couldn’t think of something better. I loved the concept and looking forward from buying with them in future too.

Prakash Singh

Buying a house is a tedious job. But SSBW made it so easy for us with their housing plan. Practical and beautiful houses at affordable price. Just perfect!

Sumit Anand

Luxurious with top class amenities. The houses have everything to make you comfortable and cosy. All new technologies used. Loved it. Thanks.

RTGS Details

Name of society : Shree Sai Baba Welfare Society

Name Of Bank : Oriental Bank Of Commerce

Bank Account No : 02101131004504

Ifsc Code : ORBC0100210

Express Tower, Azadpur, Delhi-110033

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